Mossad Privacy Policy

Your Privacy in general

Mossad's Privacy Policy explains how we process your personal data when you use our game. The purpose of this document is to give background information on data processing for different features available in the Mossad game. Since the Mossad is a location based game, manye of it's featues depend on our ability to know your current location. You may creates missions to people you choose to recruit into the game, and send them to locations you visited before.

What information doe we collect?

We collect the following categories of information:
Registration and contact details Some features may require the use of Facebook Account, for example when you want to see your actual photo or use your real name You may use the some of the game in "Guest mode" without signing in.
Location data The Mossad game makes use of information about your actual location (“Location Data”) and information about places ("Place Information").
Location Data reveals where you currently are or where you have been.
Place Information is general information pertaining to particular geographical location (e.g. city or a location of a restaurant).

First time the Mossad game is launched, you will be asked to approve usage of your location.
Once you approve, you will not be asked again.
You may turn off the location service in the Settings page.

You may contact us with any issues: